Watchman’s Mountain And The Chile Earthquake

Wednesday evening I was praying with a couple of friends via Skype video. We were engaging in the spirit and shared what we were seeing and hearing. In the spirit, I was standing on what I call the “watchman’s mountain.” There, in the kingdom of God, I stood in the wind of the Lord, which was intensely blowing the mantle that was wrapped around me. This mantle consist of a long glorious robe upon my shoulders and a type of scarf wrapped around my neck. All of which, speaks of Kingdom government.

During this watchful moment, the wind began to intensify at which time a staff appeared in my hand. Without hesitation, I started pounding the staff on the ground, all the while the ground around me shaking violently.

As I continued to pound my staff on the mountain, I saw vibrations riffling far across the land. While it seemed extremely authoritative, it was also very calming. I knew the vibrating action was governmental, which seemed to be displacing a negative disturbance for a positive one. In this case, the intense shaking that I was feeling.

While this was going on, I told my friends, something very disturbing is going on right now. An intense vibration and shaking is taking place right now. I expressed again how alarming it felt. Moments later, I saw mountain peaks breaking through the ground. I knew they represented a new kingdom government rising in the kingdom of heaven on earth.

When I got home, my wife Tamera told me that Chile had just encountered an 8.3 earthquake. It was the strongest earthquake on the planet this year; killing 10 people and forcing a million other people to evacuate the tsnaumi area. This earthquake occured at the same time we were praying.

Now that I reflect back, what I previously thought was creating the shaking on the earth, was actually creating a vibration/frequency that was lessening the intensity of the shaking. While some might read this and think, ‘this sounds absurd’ in the kingdom of heaven, it is a very simple thing to do. I believe what could have cost the lives of thousands; the vibrations of heaven lessened it to just a few. Nonetheless, this is not intended to depreciate the value of the few lives that were lost,but only to point out the enormity ofdeath that this event could have caused.

This weekend, Sunday, September 20, 2015 we will be gathering at the Yakima Convention Center. We will begin promptly at 10:00AM. It will be an awesome time of worship and once again we will engage with the revelation of heaven on earth.

As I have mentioned before, something is happening to time. The barrier of time is being broken in unimaginable ways. We live in a culture where longevity on Earth has become a primary pursuit in life. This was never the intent of God and I will be sharing with you the reasons why. Come and see what life looks like on the other side of time.

Please know that you are a tremendous blessing to this ministry and the purpose to which God has called us. We appreciate your continual generosity in prayer and finances.

See you soon,

Michael and Tamera

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