Unexpected Frontier Of Hope


The recent fires in California have once again proven to be very sad and historically tragic. Our prayers go out to those who have lost friends, family beloved pets. There are no words to match their pain and sorrow. Without minimizing the tremendous lost, I believe a new Paradise and Malibu will give birth to new life. One of which will reflect the love of the Father at historic measures.  
I realize their are a lot of prophetic words about a very trying future. However, I am of a different mind. Surprise! Of course, life is not without its challenges, but when I see the future, I see historic steps and door ways leading to a new unexpected frontier in this nation and the world. Recently I sent out a prophetic word about “governmental implosions.” These implosions are partly due to a determination of some very misleading and wounded people in government and life, who are trying to destroy the current government of this nation and other nations in the world.
However, you are about to witness an unexpected frontier of glory appearing in unimaginable ways. 
On November 14, 2018, beginning at 6:00PM at the Terrace Height’s Civic Center.
We will be celebrating this divine future interruption of heaven on earth. I am looking forward to engaging with the mysteries of heaven through the gift of knowledge and kingdom revelation.
Hope to see you there,
Michael And Tamera 

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