Understanding Transitions

Over the years, I can’t count the times I have heard the word “transition.” I have discovered that transitions are like seasons of the year. They come and go, cycling around each year. For each individual, the transitions of life vary. These transitional variables seem to be as vast as the stars in space.
Transitions are connected to the everyday choices we make in life. They are connected to how we think, how we relate to God and to each other.  The list of transitional influences, are without a doubt a huge contributor to the process of going from glory to glory.

It certainly requires no prophetic insight that this nation and other nations across the world are in an intense transitional period. In times like these, we are challenged to not only stay in faith, trusting God at every turn, but to believe that even when we feel like there is little forward motion, it can actually be the beginning of a positive transition in our life.
Transition is defined as, “changing from one position to another.” This changing of positions includes many things; ideas, methods, understandings, perceptions, etc.

Again, the list can seem endless.  My reason for writing this letter is to let you know that I can sense and feel your transition and that you are not alone. I can detect that many are being challenged in their faith in this present hour. Many of you feel like you have been in transition past its appointed time.

I was recently talking to a long time friend of mine. Over the years, we have watched each other grow through many transitions. We were reflecting on the fruit and progress of those years, while acknowledging that once again, we had arrived to another transitional juncture in our lives. In a moment of deep conversation, I suddenly heard the Lord say this, “Each transition changes your position and favor toward the intended purpose for your life. Currently, right now, I am repositioning the favor of this nation.”
After hearing those, words I could not shake the intense reality of what is currently unfolding in the United States of America. At a recent gathering, I spoke about “No unity without equality.” This message will definitely cause you to rethink a couple of things when it comes to equality with God.

I believe one of the profound things that God is doing in this nation is repositioning its favor with other tribes and nations. As a nation purposed under God, it seems we have long been a divided states, rather than a “United States.” Yet, I can see unity the size of a man’s hand beginning to grow in the distant future. Before long, it will eventually become larger than life. A nation that was once divided will become unified in unimaginable ways. I believe most people who struggle with this belief of peace and unity, is that they under estimate one very powerful ingredient, and that is love; God’s love. While any believe that the love of God was powerful enough to save us from our sins, they do not seem to think that same love is not powerful enough to deliver us from our divisive ways.

  I am not negating the fact that there are some rough governmental waters just around the corner. Their impact will make it appear as though a unified nation is nowhere in sight, but the tide of disunity will suddenly shift into an entirely new direction. Believe it or not, God has enough confidence in the working of his love in us, that he is allowing patience to have its perfect work.

Rough waters have a way of exposing even the deepest debris beneath. This debris will undoubtedly reveal a form of government that required nothing less than a raging sea to reveal its true intent. Nonetheless, after this awe and shock, a fresh new momentum will rise, thus bring restoration and healing to all that was under its spell.

  Transitions can often feel like a hate-love relationship. At first, they are extremely uncomfortable, even despondent. Yet, in the end, the outcome of their labor has the potential to bear much fruit, a glorious fruit that will remain.

Kingdom Cheers
Michael and Tamera

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