Total Recovery-Fully Functional

In June of 2014, I posted a prophetic article on our website titled, "Total Recovery-Fully Functional"

Total Recovery-Fully Functional

In June of 2014, I posted a prophetic article on our website titled, “Total Recovery-Fully Functional”. (read full article…

If I were to mesh the two titles together, I would say it equals “Total Restoration.”

In this article I mentioned the recovery process that my former wife Lori was going through at the time, believing that she would experience a final recovery in her life.

Though it was not the kind of recovery I was expecting, Lori did indeed experience her final recovery in the kingdom of heaven.


In April of 2012, I prophesied about “the great exposure” and the eventual turn around in this nation. A brief zealous sound bite of that prophetic word.



Excerpts from the above mentioned article “Total Recovery…” reads,

“This is the deeper revelation of what it means to be “more than a conqueror.”

“You don’t just survive your circumstance, but you excel beyond every earthly expectation concerning the intentions of God toward you.””

“In this year, there is a prelude of recovery coming upon your home, your children, your life, your business, and yes, even the United States of America.”

Note the phrase “a prelude of recovery.”

In 2014, I believe there was a spiritual shift that marked a significant prelude of recovery for this nation. One that was prepping the United States for one of the greatest recoveries it has every known since the 1700’s.

I continued to write:

“Over the course of the next few years, we will witness an amazing recovery within the Middle Eastern countries.”


Right out the gate on January 11, 2017, Fox News released this report:

“Thousands upon thousands of Muslims reportedly turning to Christ in the Middle East.”

Another report on January 9, 2017 reads,

CHRISTIAN CONVERSIONS: Waves of Muslims in Middle East turning to Christ after violence.”

These are but a few amazing reports coming to light.


I continue to prophecy,

“This spiritual recovery will surpass every known barrier that has restricted the life flow of God from penetrating the deepest and darkest regions of humanity.”

“Many have believed the lie that they are destined to limp their way into their final state of glory. Do Not believe the lie! We are not destined to just squeeze by the pit of pain and sorrow.”

“We are Sons and Daughters of God! We are children of God! We are His inheritance and He is ours! You do not have to wait for an overcoming glory to come your way, it is already here.”

“He is already here.”

“You don’t need another return to liberate you from the works of the enemy, the continual appearing of Jesus Christ is sufficient for us here and now.”


At the end of this article, I released this prophetic word about the coming recovery you could expect, individually and nationally.


“I pray you can hear this! We are living in a generation that is fully functional; fully empowered and able to do exceedingly above and beyond anything imaginable in this time.

The current exposures that are now at hand, in the government of this land, and abroad, will be followed by a supernatural recovery that will eventually exhibit the full functionality of heaven on earth. Come on God!”


I believe a gateway to exposing the works of the enemy began to increase in 2014. It increasingly widened in 2016, all the way through the election period. And now it has widened even greater still.

This gate of exposure continues to ever widen. And now, on the heels of this great exposure, a supernatural recovery is indeed appearing right before our eyes.

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