Times And Seasons Of Heaven On Earth

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More often than not, the seasons of God will contradict the seasons on earth. Whether it be the seasons of our life or even the natural seasons, winter, spring, summer and fall; all are subject to the seasons of God. Seasons are governmental. They govern the overall process of humanity, as well as, the cycles of creation. Prior to missing the mark in the Garden, the seasons of life as we know them today, did not exist. This means that the government of creation was much different than it is now.

The kingdom of God…the kingdom of heaven, is in us. All the more reason why it is important for us to access the Garden of God, which again, is in us. Every time we do, we have the ability to manifest the eternal seasons of heaven on earth.

When Jesus became hungry he found a fig tree by the road that had nothing on it except leaves. Jesus responded by saying, “No longer shall there ever be any fruit from you.” And at once the fig tree withered.” (Matt 21:17-19)

Mark notes, “It was not the season for the fig tree to bear fruit.” (Mark 11:13-14)

Nonetheless, this did not keep Jesus from cursing the tree, declaring that it would never bear fruit again. Regardless of his reason for doing so, one thing is very clear, the government of creation and all of its seasons were subject to the government of heaven in Jesus. He could have just as easily commanded the tree to bear fruit and it would have done so.

Even while journeying across the Sea of Galilee, Jesus revealed his ability to govern the stormy winds by commanding them to be still. Again, though it was most likely the stormy time of the year, it did not keep Jesus from taking over such forces, if nothing else, to demonstrate to the disciples their potential as sons of God.

In the beginning, God said, “Let there be light.” (Gen 1:14) He literally spoke lights or light bearers into the firmament above. Just as there are bearers of light in the firmament above so there are light bears upon the earth, which we are. Over the years, I have continually expressed that the future is about light, not darkness. There are destined discoveries of light, both in the natural, technology and in the spirit that will revolutionize the world as we know it today.

Firmament comes from the Hebrew word “raw-kah” which means to pound the earth passionately. It also means to overlay. In other words, in the beginning, the earth was overlaid with the impact of the light and passion of God.

The Hebrew word for seasons is “mo-ade” which is where we get the word moled or mole. It means to burrow holes, like a mole burrowing holes in the ground. God literally moled the earth with signs and seasons which are nothing less than portals or gateways in the expanse of time for the purpose of manifesting the intended fruit of heaven on earth.

We are currently transitioning out of an old decayed government. This means the light bearers of the firmament will no longer be manipulated by dark spiritual forces. It also means that the government of heaven is beginning to occupy the expanse above the earth with such intensity that times and seasons will be restored back to their original state. We will begin to clearly see the times and seasons of heaven overriding the times and seasons on the earth.

It’s time to prepare for expanded routes of supply. In other words, your normal venue of provision is about to undergo a severe altercation. Earlier in the year, I was leaning into the store houses of heaven, determined to acquire the needed snowfall in our area. While doing so, the Lord spoke to me and said,“Am I limited to the times and seasons on the earth? Are there no alternate portals to saturate the land with its needed moisture?” In that moment, by the spirit, I could see unusual forms of moisture falling upon the earth outside the boundaries of it’s previous times and seasons.

Across the United States, we are already seeing the evidence of this word coming to pass. While speaking at a conference in Lee Summit, Missouri, in the spirit, I stood in an unusal rain that was about to fall in California. As I stood in the meeting I could literally feel the rain falling on my face and prophesied about its eventual manifestation.

Record Rainfall in Parts of Drought-Stricken California, More Rain on Friday (FORECAST)  (read full article)

I also saw abundant living coming through venues that were much different than the former pathways of supply. The raw reality is this, we are the gateways of heaven on earth. We are the government of future seasons. No longer will the people of God be limited to the resources of former years. The venue of increase for your life is about to dramatically change.

The contradiction of heaven is now upon the land. We are beginning to witness a display of Kingdom influence unlike any other generation. The beginning of a new earth and worlds is now in motion. These worlds will not be created with the hands of man, but with the word of the Lord. Just as God spoke everything into existence in the beginning, so shall the sons of God speak into existence all that is destined to be revealed in this hour.

My wife Tamera, previously brought to my attention the “footstool” of the Lord. She asked, “If heaven is increasing on the earth, will the earth always be the Lord’s footstool?” Without hesitation I said, “No, it will not. Heaven and earth are overlapping more and more each day. Therefore, the kingdom of this world will/has become the kingdom of God and of His Christ.” (Rev 11:15)

As we abide under the shadow of the almighty, we are beginning to over shadow this world and beyond, with the kingdom of God in us.  The life of God in you is destined to over shadow every circumstance in your life. Even as the disciples moved about the earth in their day, the bible notes that many were healed by the impact of their shadow. As the people of God continue to occupy heaven, their eternal occupation will be casted upon the earth in ways unimaginable. Come on God!

You are invited to join the MTI family at our next SOHL gathering in Yakima, WA. We will be meeting at the Holiday Inn, Sunday May 17, 2015 beginning at 10:00AM.

Also, I will be speaking in Spokane, Washington at Higher Power Church, Saturday May 16, 2015 beginning at 12:00PM. (See website for details)

Then again Sunday May 17, 2015 in Wenatchee, WA. This gathering will begin at 6:00PM. (See website for details).

Kingdom Cheers,

Michael and Tamera

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