The Purging of Priests and Kings

For a while now, I have sensed a strong purging in my heart. It’s as though everything and anything in me that is out of line with the heart and mind of God is clearly being made known.

I actually prophesied about this day many times, knowing that a spiritual alignment would come, especially in the area of the prophetic. This is an hour where the pleasures of God and the pleasures of the world in the spiritual leadership of God’s kingdom are being ripped apart.

The notion that we are just representatives of the kingdom of God is over. For those who are in Christ and destined to lead God’s people into the deepest chambers of his glorious kingdom, just being a representative is not enough, and is not an accurate picture of the love and power of God. We are more than simply representatives of some eternal kingdom. We are sons, priests and kings of a Heavenly Father.

While so many are still waiting for the return of Christ, Father is waiting for his people to enter into the true tabernacle of heaven, one of which Moses was given a pattern of on earth. When I say “enter into” I’m not referring to just some metaphor of the completed work of Christ, but God has invited us to come and see the true tabernacle where Jesus is enthroned in majesty.

“Now the main point in what has been said is this: we have such a High Priest, who has taken His seat at the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in the heavens, a minister in the sanctuary and in the true tabernacle, which the Lord erected, not man.” (Hebrews 8:1-2)

I believe one of the primary functions of today’s prophets is to reveal the real deal, not just shadows, types and copies of. This means we must respond to the invitation enter into these eternal realms of glory for ourselves.

You cannot be a true prophet in this hour without settling the ultimate issue, “it’s all or nothing.” This is the prophetic plumb line for this season. God is not someone you place in the systematic order of your life. He will not allow you to put Him on your list of personal priories. He is the ultimate priority and all else exist in Him. It’s an attitude of the heart. Without this resolve, you will always be trying to make room for Him, somewhere, somehow, in your busy schedule. No matter what our earthly function maybe, He is our primary objective. He is what our life is all about.

The Business Of Ministry

John 2:16 (NASB)
“…and to those who were selling the doves He said,  Take these things away; stop making My Father’s house a (house) place of business.

In this season, God is going to deal with the business of ministry. While we understand that the kingdom of God includes the activities of business and  administration, much of the Body has been overrun by a spirit of business, so much so, that it has turned into a warehouse of the latest spiritual goods!

While I am all about getting the latest materials of kingdom living and encouragement into the hands of the people, it’s easy to cross the line into a world of distribution where you simply mimic the latest revelation just for the sake of doing business.

Unfortunately, this is too common in the prophetic world. Much of what people know or teach is information they have received from someone else, rather than experiencing it for themselves. While there is nothing wrong with sharing what you have gleamed from others, it can never become a replacement for your own personal journey and revelation in the spirit. Therefore, God is about to clean up His house.

If you haven’t noticed by now, God is in the business of promoting truth and purity. The overall popularity of such is not His concern. The government of how many and how much has become so large that the law of numbers has blurred the purity of what it really means to be successful in the kingdom of God. Therefore, a necessary cleansing is presently upon the body of Christ. I believe this cleansing will reveal the true prophets of our time, as well as, every other form of genuine leadership in the Body.

I recently came across a prophetic article by Bob and Bonnie Jones, which was dated November 12, 2013. The few paragraphs I am sharing with you are excerpts from a much larger article, which is listed on the Elijah list.


“Just as the young prophets cried out to Elisha, I feel the Body is crying out to the prophets of today for the truth. The true prophets have been going through a time of cleansing and purifying to rid themselves of any poison that might be left in them. One cannot bring a pure word while they are struggling with infectious spiritual diseases that will contaminate the whole Body when they release it. We need to have a more sure word of prophecy being poured out from purified vessels.”

Another portion reads,

“Church services like we’ve known in the past and present are coming to an end because there’s going to be a significant change. We can’t continue on the same road we’ve been on and expect the Holy Spirit to anoint it. The old system of doing things is coming to an end and we are in for a new beginning.”


“It’s only a remnant that will enter into it. There’s a hunger and thirst for the next step, and those who have remained steadfast through these years of testing shall advance to the next level of authority. And many shall be those who follow them because the religious spirit will be put to death. When it tries to raise its head, the Body will quickly discern it and not allow it to take root in the Body again because Holy Fire will devour it.”

End quote.

Gathering In Another Realm

For a number of years now I have spoken about this makeover that would occur in the church. These kinds of prophetic declarations can become quite challenging. Even while we are describing another way of coming together and interacting with the Spirit of God, there are still those who will try to get you to establish a church or ministry that most people can relate to.

What they are really saying is, ‘even though everything will look different in the future, for the sake of numbers, can’t we just do it the way we’ve always done it until that day comes?’

Sounds reasonable enough, but what they don’t understand, when a prophet sees something he/she becomes what they see in the moment even though it has not yet appeared.

Therefore, the object is to bring the people to a place in the spirit where they can see a future order that already exists in heaven. This is what I call the 3Ts, “adjusting to tomorrow today, becausethe past in heaven is the future on earth.

Nonetheless, many of the people around you can become frustrated because they can’t see what you see and after a while they began to negate its validity. Of course, I have never been one to expect the people to solely take me at my word, I am always inviting them to come, taste and see for yourselves the many things God has in store for you.

One of the primary changes that is about to occur in the church is that many of our gatherings will start taking place in another realm. Yes, I realize this kind of statement gives extra ammunition to a number of people that already view me as a false prophet. It’s all good; it’s one of the many luxuries of being a forerunner.

Nonetheless, the fact remains, we will be gathering in various realms of the kingdom of God that are not presently visible on earth. After all, what do most longing Christians hope to see and experience? The glory of the Lord and the supernatural realms of heaven on earth. Well, God is about to answer your requests. While many call out to God in this manner, it’s unfortunate that most really don’t expect it to happen.

However, I am confident that most will get more than they bargained for. In the mean time, many are going in before the corporate body. They are a new breed of forerunners, who are engaging with the entire church, the entire body of Christ, both on earth and in heaven.

Here They Come!

I recently sat down with a local pastor who expressed his desire to move into these deeper waters of the Spirit. He said, “I know you have been a forerunner in the kingdom of God for years and have stayed your course and I believe it has been for a time such as this.” As I looked at him, I could see that he had moved beyond the veil, not just in theory, but in real time. I was overwhelmed with joy knowing that a major opening in the spirit had already occurred and that it was about ready to display itself in ways unimaginable. I could hear the Spirit say, “Here they come! Here they come!”

When you are constantly speaking about a future world that is practically non-existent in terms of current visible realities, it takes a unique treasure of people to embrace those future images and walk them out in their own lives, and when they do, the power of ascension and dissension transpires at a completely new level.

Remember the future is really about the present. It’s about what is already here, in you, but has yet to fully manifest.

In the mean time, there will be those who will tell you the journey is amazing and that they wouldn’t settle for anything less. Only a short time later, will the same people tell you that they’re not sure if this is really God. In one breath they will say, “You are the most unique and insightful prophet I have ever known” (their words not mine) but in the next breath, they will expressively wonder, “If you’re really all that great then why aren’t there more people climbing on board and when will these things come into view?”

This proof of one sure thing, they have not yet seen it for themselves. Yes, it is true, prophets are some of the few who are greatly loved one moment and totally despised the next. However, I am confident that this rollercoaster view of the prophetic mantle will one day become solidified into a glorious perspective of the true intentions and nature of God’s chosen people.

Let me remind you, all that I have just written is by no means limited to any single mantle, prophet or otherwise. This glory, these realms of kingdom engagement are for anyone who loves God and are able to see beyond this earthly realm, thus gaining access to an entire new world called heaven.

Ultimately, I believe this deep purging in my own life is the revelation and manifestation of a holy priesthood and kingship that is quickly coming into view.

Therefore, I stand firm that this is a race well worth running; its rewards are far beyond this earthly plane and the newly discovered treasure of intimate glory will exceed every human comprehension.

Heavenly Cheers,


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