The Flood-Waters Are Coming – Crushing Ancient Boxes

Sometime back, Tamera and I were driving down the road discussing how the mountains surrounding Wenatchee, Yakima and other bordering cities, quickly turn brown due to the heat and dryness. In that moment, I prayed, “Father I speak to these mountains and command the greenery on its slopes to extend beyond its normal range of time.” (Tamera joined in agreement) I concluded, “Father, I ask that you do this so Tamera will know the authority that is in her and the ability you have given all of us to release the power of your kingdom on earth.”

Yesterday, Tamera commented, “Michael, as I am looking at the beautiful green mountains surrounding us, I just realized God has answered your prayers. I cannot remember when these mountains have looked so green at this time of the year.”

This past weekend, we ministered in Spokane and Wenatchee, Washington. During these special gatherings, I prophetically spoke about the seasons of God overriding the traditional seasons upon the earth. In Wenatchee, the Lord showed me unusual rains that would suddenly fall upon the land. I was reminded of the floodwaters I had seen in the spirit at the beginning of the year. I repeatedly declared, “The floodwaters are coming! The floodwaters are coming!”I have spoken about these floodwaters in previous audios, videos and articles. I saw the same thing occurring in the state of California. Again, these floodwaters represent unwanted events, as well as, “the floodwaters of heaven covering the earth as the waters cover the sea.”

Just a few days ago, on the heels of the latest prophetic declarations, on May 21, 2015, an unusual down pour of rain drenched the Yakima county region.

The Yakima Herald-Republic newspaper reported,

“About an inch of rain fell in Yakima between 7:30 p.m. and 8 p.m., according to Jim Smith, a forecaster with the National Weather Service, which issued a flash flood warning for Central Yakima County from 8:30 to 11 p.m.”

While I have witnessed a lot of down pours in this particular region over the years, countless people would agree, this last down pour was one of the most intense we have seen in a great number of years.

In addition, it was reported in the national media that Wichita Falls, Texas received more than 13.33 inches in the month of May. Wichita Falls is now in the midst of its rainiest month on record. It was also noted in this same report that many people had been intensely praying for rain.

In the last few months, especially in our last few gatherings, I noted how one season would seemingly overlap another. In other words, winter climates appearing in the middle of summer. Just in the last couple of days, this has already been happening on the Eastern Coast of the United States.

National weather agencies in the United States are now reporting that El Nino will be extremely potent in 2015.

“The emerging El Nino event will be potent this year (2015), likely stronger than the 2009 events and possibly rivaling the 1997 event. The downstream impacts from this event will likely drive decreased risks of big heat this summer in the Eastern and Central U.S., especially later in the summer,” said Dr. Todd Crawford, WSI Chief Meteorologist. “Our current forecast for national cooling demand this summer, rivals for the cool summer of 2009, and even that may be a bit conservative.”

Many weather agencies have also predicted that the Northwest area would experience extreme periods of heat later on this year.

My point is this.

How long will the people of God continue to set on the sidelines acting as though there is nothing they can do about the climates in this nation and the world? Regardless, whether it is weather patterns or other spiritual forces at work on the earth. We have received an inheritance through Jesus that has empowered us to resume our dominion, not just on the earth, but also above the earth. How long will we continue to excuse away every natural catastrophic event as “an act of God?” When do we move beyond a passive act of God mentality into the glory and power of sonship?

Yes! I am echoing this word, loud and clear. “The floodwaters are coming! The floodwaters are coming! While these floodwaters include unwanted attempts of the enemy to instill fear into people and nations in unwanted portions, it ultimately will be a revelation of the enormous treasure that God has placed within his people, which will become the floodgates of heaven on earth.


Our topic at tomorrow’s SOHL gathering will be, “How To Create A New World.” This coming gathering will be a box crusher. We will crush ancient boxes of limitations that many have been subject to for decades. We don’t want to just get out of the box, but destroy them once and for all.

“For this purpose the Son of God was manifested that the works of the devil would be destroyed.”

If you are tired of living in an ancient box, then you are invited to sow into this special “box-office” event. Sunday, May 24, 2015 at Yakima Holiday Inn, beginning at 10:00 AM.


Michael & Tamera

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