The Dawning Of A New Governmental Shift

I believe the mid month of January will mark the beginning of another governmental shift. Which means, we will begin to see a visible manifestation of this shift. Of course, it has already been set in motion in the spirit, but will soon manifest in the natural.

Just as there are multiple tiers of glory in heaven, so there are multiple tiers of government on earth.

For example, our current tiers of government in the United States stem from President, senate and congress, all the way down to government at state and city levels. Likewise, these same branches of government exist in the ecclesia (church), businesses etc. So it is, in the kingdom of heaven. We go from glory to glory, heaven to heaven, from one field of government to the next.

The apostle Paul references the “third heaven.” (2Corithians 2:2) This third heaven is nothing less than a level of heavenly government that depicts the glory and power of God. And, as intense that might be, all of these levels of kingdom authority, and more, reside in the house of God, in his temple, which you are. Every kingdom force of heavenly government comes through the heavenly gates, which we are.

Without fail, every time the United States enters into another elective season of government, a unique momentum is generated, both in the natural and the spiritual realm. Through the spirit, the initial shift of government begins in us. Then through the power of agreement, a visible manifestation of that intended government is made known.

In this week, we will begin to see another shift, a more decisive revelation of the future government of this nation. Interesting enough, when it comes to Christianity, there are those who are looking to see who bears the most evidence of a God like nature, verses those that do not. Through this simple observation, many will determine who they believe to be the best qualifying presidential candidate.

However, I believe, therein lies the challenge. While we certainly do not want someone that is not a God fearing man or woman to lead this nation, I believe God is challenging his people to see from the perspective of divine intent, which reaches far beyond natural observation. I have longed believed the hour would come in history when the eventual government of this nation would not be a one man show in terms of power, but would become a true council of wisdom and understanding, thus become a conglomerated mixture of many people who walk in the power of wisdom and understanding.

With this in mind, I’ve listed some characteristics, I believe are the intent of God and will depict the next Presidential leadership of this nation.

  • One that will love God. Maybe, not to the intensity as most would hope, but love God nonetheless.
  • One that cannot be bought or sold to the highest bidder of political power.
  • One that will be surrounded by Godly council, but will not necessarily be a strong spiritual leader.
  • One that will have a keen understanding of finances and will use this insight to influence other nations.
  • One that will know, not only how to conduct and conclude a deal, but will do so in a manner that is honoring to al involved.
  • One that will restore the strength and integrity of, not only this nation, but other nations in the world.
  • One that will be misunderstood time and time again, but in the end, more often than not, will produce a positive outcome.
  • One that will bridge the gap of communication with other world leaders, even the most disrespected.
  • One that will be relentless and will not shrink back in the face of political opposition, not because of pride, but for the sake of the nation.
  • One that will not operate out of a spirit of fear, but out of a soundness of mind and boldness, which will sometimes be mistaken for arrogance.
  • One in the end, who will convey a level of humility that will catch most by surprise.
  • One that will serve two terms and will make way for a woman who, in 2024, will assume the highest office of this nation

Kingdom Cheers,

Michael Danforth

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