The Dawn Is Over

The Dawn Is Over

I know many of you who have engaged with these recent prophetic gatherings have walked away with an overwhelming increasing awareness of the supernatural intent of heaven on earth.
For those of you who have followed this ministry for the last few years or so, know that I have repeatedly prophetically spoken about “breaking the barrier of light.” I’ve written about this in previous books “Evolution of Another Kind, Space the Prophetic Frontier and Guardians of Spiritual Maturity; not to mention previous articles and videos.
My intent for highlighting this prophetic phrase was to draw your intention to a coming glory that would literally break the barrier of a former glory, to such degree, that countless people would one day stand in awe at the exponential appearing of God’s love and glory. Of course, this corresponds with the Haggai 2:9 “the latter glory of His house will be greater than the former.”
Mind you, given the world climate of years before, and partially even now, this prophetic perspective glory has been very cautiously embraced.
In addition, God has been speaking to me about no longer living in the “dawn of time” but breaking the barrier and entering the fulness of glory that is available to his people now.
Those of you who attended these last couple of meetings will remember that I prophesied about creation and the heavens above, once again, affirming the intent of heaven on earth.
On November 2, 2018, NASA reported this news headline through
“Dawn is dead” NASA’s pioneering asteroid-belt mission runs out of fuel.
At face value this might not seem like much, but I believe it is an awesome prophetic indicator of what is happening right now in the spirit and the governments of the world.
“Dawn” is defined as: “The first appearance of light in the sky before sunrise.” The prophetic implications of the “dawn is dead” are literally off the charts.
The dawning of a new day is over. The early light of the kingdom revelation of God’s love, power and glory has broken the barrier of visible light, thus giving way to the appearing of the light of Son of God at historic levels. The dawn of the “new beginnings of heaven in your life are over.”
The Hebraic aspects of this recent event are extremely triumphantly compelling.
This coming Wednesday, November 7, 2018 beginning at 6:00PM, we will once again gather at the “Terrace Heights Civic Center” in Yakima, WA. Further details of this event are now posted on our website

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