The Cloaked Ones Are Coming

cloaked-largeIn 2010, I released a book titled, “Space the prophetic frontier.” This book was written to encapsulate the various prophetic insights the Lord had given to me over the course of ten years about a kingdom alignment that would occur in the heavens above and on earth.

In the beginning of this book, I described my initiation of taking on a prophet’s mantle, which occurred in the early 90’s. Immediately following a prophetic word spoken to me through another prophet, while sitting in a coffee shop, I had an open vision of an ancient one wearing a hooded mantle with a staff in his hand.

Here is an excerpt from by book of that experience.

“As I sat in that room of caffeinated energy (coffee shop) a man suddenly appeared in front of me, just a few feet away, dressed in a long hooded mantle. He walked slowly toward the exit with a staff in his hand. He did not look at me, and I could not see his face because of the garment draped over his head. Just as quickly as he appeared, he disappeared.”

I later had two separate encounters with this same ancient man, which others are now referring to as the “cloaked ones.” The second time I saw this hooded man, with his face looking downward, he spoke to me and said, “The scepter is in the high place.” After hearing these words, I then saw him moving toward a mountain. On top of that mountain, was a golden scepter leaning against a large rock.

On a third occasion, I was praying with a group of people when I suddenly found myself in another realm of the spirit running after this ancient one, determined to see his face. Though he barely seemed to be moving, I ran with all my might. Like a runner leaning across the finish line, I bent over to see his face, which like the times before, was covered with this same hooded garment. In that moment, I yelled out in a room full of praying people, “It’s me! It’s me! The ancient one is me!”

Yes, it’s true. When I looked into his eyes, I saw myself in another time in the future, in another realm of the spirit. Little did I realize at that time, that what I was looking at was also a generation of men and women that would one day emerge upon the earth, displaying a realm of glory and kingdom authority like none other.

The reason I am writing this to you now is due to the various reports I am beginning to hear; reports about “cloaked ones” appearing in different places all over the world. The reason for having their faces guarded is that the glory of the Lord is so intense that is said to be terrifying. This is much like Moses, when he came down off the mountain of the Lord, who had to cover his face because the light of God shone from his face so intensely, that people could not handle it. However, unlike Moses, this glory is not a passing glory, but a glory that is here to stay designed to make way for the shining ones to appear upon the earth.

While I am not implying that the countenance of the Lord on me is one of terrifying glory, I am firm in my belief that a time is coming when the glory of the Lord will be so evident in my life, and countless others across the world, that the terror of His glory will consume all the works of the enemy. Come on God!

One of the keys to spiritual transformation is seeing ourselves beyond our natural physical state. To the degree we are able to do that, is the degree we are able to change in accordance with the Spirit of God for our lives.

We are living in a day when the Spirit of the Lord is collectively encouraging His people to ascend into the glory of heaven for the purpose of seeing themselves beyond their current state. As I have mentioned before, ‘I am extremely excited about the enormous possibilities of an entire generation of people exchanging an earthly ministry for a heavenly one.’ The evidence of such life and ministry is quickly becoming more visible for all to see. Even those who once scratched their heads wondering what this life and ministry would look like in terms of the future, are now being overcome with the reality of His kingdom glory manifesting in their own lives.

Many who have looked for fulfillment on an earthly plane are beginning to realize that the ultimate fulfillment of life is to set our mind on things above, not on things below. An entire platform of spiritual ministry is being peeled away right before our eyes. The result is causing many to redirect their attention toward heaven. Therefore, our interaction with the eternal is overriding our interaction with the temporal. Come on God!

This is not to say that our earthly ministries are not very important, but they are temporary. Therefore, to be eternally minded is to see and live a life that is beyond the natural realm. Every day, I am gaining a greater understanding as to what my function in heaven is; and will be. This is important because this pertains to my eternal state in the kingdom of God. The clearer my eternal state becomes, the more effective I become on earth.

True Sonship is a relational personal engagement with the Father, with the Spirit of the Lord. However, our priestly or kingly relationship or anointing is about Kingdom government, which is the act of ruling from heaven to earth.

I know many have heard this before, but this is what it really means to be seated in heavenly places. We rule from heaven to earth, not from earth to heaven. Not just in theory, but in reality.

Living supernaturally,




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