Seeing The Voice Of God

pexels-photo-largeIn the world of technology, there are programs that have the ability to convert images into sound waves. These programs are called, “image synthesizers,” which have multiple capabilities including performing spectra analysis. You can literally upload any image and it will convert the image into sound. These same types of programs can also convert wave sounds into bmp images.  

This type of technology is a basic analogy of the imagery that is the result of the voice God. Every word that God speaks bears an image. Every creative image has its own sound. In the beginning, when God said, “let there be light” the image of light appeared. It was the word of God that brought all of creation into existence. It wasn’t just the syllabus of the Word itself that brought everything into being, but the sound of the Word, or more accurately the sound of his voice. It was the vibration of God’s voice that formed something out of nothing.  

Most assume that when God spoke everything into being, his speech was audible like you and I. However, it’s important to understand that the only reason God would ever speak audibly to a human being is to get their attention for a specific reason. This by the way would still be the result of a vibration in the inner ear. My point is, audible communication, as we understand it, is not the universal language in heaven.

So what is the universal language in heaven? First, let me prep my next statement with this special emphasis. Love is the eternal intent and language of everything that God is and does; therefore, the love of God is the foundation for all that exists in heaven, on earth and the ages to come.

Having said that, this same love is made up of light/energy/vibrations/frequencies are the essence of the communication process, not only in heaven, but on the earth as well. For the sake of time and not wanting to echo what many others have thoroughly written about on this subject; allow me to inject this simple reminder of what makes everything visible.

Everything is made up of energy and everything has its own vibrational frequency. In the science world, this is known as the “law of vibration” which states everything in the universe vibrates. Everything vibrates at a certain frequency. Having said that, the voice of God is also made up of light, energy, vibrations and frequencies. Even the thoughts of God consist of all the above.

Whenever God speaks to us, He doesn’t want us to just hear His voice, but He wants us to see His voice or the image of what He speaks.

Many people struggle at the basic level of hearing God speak, let alone seeing the intended image(s) that his voice projects. Just because someone might not hear or see the voice of God does not mean that he is not speaking or that the vibration of his voice is not forming something, it just means that they are not connecting at the same level of frequency or vibration.

The Holy Spirit in us enables us to hear the voice of God and then converts that same voice/energy into matter. Sound familiar? This is the basic discovery of Einstein’s equation E=mc2. E stands for energy and “m” stands for mass, which is the quantity of matter. Of course, c2 stands for the speed of light, which is considered a universal constant. However, while a degree of God’s energy and mass can be measured and evaluated with the speed of light, God himself cannot be, because He is outside of time space, as we understand it.  

The bible, ancient teachings and modern science agree: you, I, all living things in existence are made up at their most essential level of vibrating, pulsing energy, all of which come from God. As the people of God, continue the road to spiritual maturation there will be increasing signs of the outworking of the love of God, as well as, unusual abilities to supernaturally function as co-creators within God’s kingdom.

God is inviting us to realize the greater potential we have as joint heirs with Christ, especially in the area of creative power. Like God, every word we speak is potential matter, which means it has the potential to take on visible form.

When someone speaks to you in a lifeless way, be careful not to adopt the image of their words. Their words have the power to turn sound into images within your heart and mind. Equally important, beware of the lifeless thoughts that the enemy will bring to you for the sole purpose of wanting you to embrace an image that is outside of God’s intent for your life.  

Sometime ago, I shared about a moment during worship when I was caught up into the kingdom of heaven where the words I was singing became visible. Much of what I was singing related to the intent of God for humanity. Therefore, in that moment I was functioning as a co-creator with my Father. This meant, as a son, I was being invited to participate in the glory of my Father for the purpose of creating a future that had not yet appeared on the earth.

This was an incredible revelation for me. Since then I have become more certain than ever that in the realm of the spirit, even our thoughts have sound, which create images that have the potential to manifest in the world around us. What I am describing to you is a basic kingdom principle that is constantly at work. How we think is what we speak and what we speak is what we create.  

 “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit.” (Proverbs 18:21)

While many have heard this verse quoted countless times, I think fewer realize the inherent ability that God has given to us to create death or life through the words we speak. The byproduct of this scripture is not the result of some simple verbal expression, but the power our words have to convert sound into matter. In this case, we have the power to convert sound into the form of death or life.

An age is quickly coming into view when the light of God in us will be released at a level that no generation has ever seen before. In this time, heavenly vibrations and frequencies will flow through the people of God with such intent, that the kingdom of heaven will appear on the earth at an accelerated rate. Many are stepping off the standard grid of hearing God’s voice and entering into the form of His voice. Our intimacy in the Father and the access He has afforded us in heaven will undoubtedly seal the intent of God for all of humanity. Come on God!



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