amazing-beautiful-beauty-blue-largeI recently shared some of what I am about to tell you at our recent conference, but felt I was to share it with all of you that were not able to be there, and all of those who subscribe to our blogs across the world.

In January of 2011, Timothy Johnson and John Filler hosted an event called, “The Lion’s Roar Conference” in Moses Lake Washington. Bob Jones was one of the guest speakers at this conference.

I can’t remember why, but at the last moment, I decided to attend the conference. However, I could only go for a morning session and had to return to Yakima later on that day. So I invited my friend Josh Crofton to go with me and off we went.

After arriving, it was obvious that they had a full house with little to no seating left.  A few moments after entering the building and meeting up with some friends, Timothy and John approached me and confirmed that there was no more seats, but then offered me Bob Jones’s seat because he was not going to be at the morning session.

Honestly, other than being grateful for their generosity, I really didn’t read anything into sitting in Bob’s seat.

After the morning session, Josh and I went into a restaurant where Bob Jones, his wife Bonnie and a few others were having lunch. When I saw everyone, I walked up to the table and greeted them. Looking at Bob, I said, “Hey Bob, they gave me your seat today, so thank you for that.” I remember Bob giving me that look. It was the look that only Bob could give. He then leaned over to Bonnie, whispered something in her ear and then turned his attention back to his meal. Now that I think about it, it’s a bit odd that I even remember that particular moment in the restaurant. Who knows, Bob might have been telling Bonnie, “I wish this guy would leave me alone so I can eat my lunch.”

As I mentioned earlier, all of this took place in January 2011. In that same year, the Lord began to speak to me about peace, specifically, supernatural peace. He kept telling me that “the peacemakers are coming.” Often He would say,“This is not a time for war, but peace.” From that moment on, I began to encourage the people at MTI to enter into the rest of God, into His rest. Many times thereafter, in that same year and beyond, I prophesied about an unusual realm of peace that would rise up in the people of God and eventually impact the entire world. In fact, one of those prophetic audios is on our website called,“blessed are the peacemakers” which was spoken in December of 2011.

Let’s fast forward. Recently, I was given a prophetic word spoken by Bob Jones in January of this year, 2014. A month later he was fully transposed into glory. One of the primary emphases of this word was about peacemakers.

Bob spoke about a vision he had of an apple tree coming into full bloom. He noted that it was a representation of ancient promises coming into bloom; producing the fruit of righteousness.

Bob then describes how the apple is a representation of peace.

He writes,

“…this means that a lot of peacemakers will bloom or come into their divine calling by this spring and they will bring forth the fruit that God has called them to bear. So get ready for the peacemakers to come forth with the fruit of God and reveal the Son of Peace to the world.”

(Read “Peacemaker Blossom” prophecy by Bob Jones)

I also just found out that during the Roaring Lion Conference, Bob spoke about the holes in the nets. He indicated that these holes represented division and until those holes were mended, we would not see the harvest the church has been looking for. Ultimately, this was a message of unity, which is a strong characteristic of peace.

Another important thing you need to know. For a while now, I have been writing a book entitled “Peacemakers” which will be in print sometime this year. Now come on, is this God or what!

In addition, as many of you already know, I went to Russia at the beginning of February and prophesied about a glory that would rise up in that nation and how it would not be a sound of war, but peace. I also told them it would look worse before it looked better and to prepare for a dramatic shift in government.

Let me add here, an unusual interruption is about to occur in the midst of this Russian/Ukraine conflict. In the end, the peace of God will eventually rise from the ashes and catch the world by surprise.

One of the reasons I am mentioning this again concerning Russia is that a number of years back, Bob prophesied about a glory that would rise out of the Russian and eventually impact the entire Muslim world. I believe that I was a prophetic carrier of that word to the people for a time such as this. Thus, injecting a spirit of hope, this in the end, will counteract the death of war.

In conclusion, after tracing my previous steps from 2011 to 2014, there is no doubt in my mind that when I sat in Bob’s chair on January 2011, an increasing revelation of the peace of God came upon me. I’m not going to pretend that I know how all of this works; I just know that something in the spirit was imparted to me on that day in relation to the Peace of God.

I’m not implying that I am carry Bob’s anointing; I have my own. However, I am an extension of an uncompleted work, an extended revelation of peace that was revealed to Bob and certainly to many others in the world today.

I know I will see the epicenter of this supernatural peace appear in my lifetime.Peace is one of the primary characteristics of the kingdom of God and is therefore, a realm in the spirit that we are to pursue. (Romans 14:17-19)

Stay tune for more peacemaking news. Come on God!





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