Noncompliant Christianity

After about a five-year battle, I recently made a decision to have one of my adrenal glands removed. In my case, my left adrenal gland was overly functioning, thus on occasions causing what is known as “flash pulmonary edema.” This medical term is a fancy way of saying that a sudden amount of fluid is collected in the air sacs of the lungs, thus making it very difficult to breath. My daughter Amber (an ER – RN) recently described my condition like this, “its like having a key in the ignition and it’s always on.”

I am now in a temporary state of recovery. Which by the way is a very interesting challenge for me, because as most recoveries go, there are certain steps that must be followed in order for your body to heal properly. However, you must know, I’m not very good at lending my self to the simple logic of physical restoration.

Amber recently made me aware that all of my medical documents were noted with the phrase “noncompliant.”  When she told me this, I shockingly replied, “no way, I am very compliant!” Yet anyone who knows me knows that in many cases, especially when it comes to medicine, I am anything but compliant.

As I pondered this unique prospective that people had of me, I felt it necessary to look more closely at the word “noncompliant.”

Noncompliance is failure or refusal to comply. In medicine the term noncompliance is commonly used in regard to a patient who does not take prescribed medication or follow a prescribed course of treatment. Ouch! That really hurts. Another definition of being noncompliant is someone who is resistant to authority. Double ouch!! Being noncompliant is also an act of disagreement. Triple ouch!!!

Before we turn this page into another field of noncompliant thinking, let me just say that I am so thankful for the medical field and all that it contributes to the health of our nation. Having said that, there are many things in the medical world, I believe is not in the best interest of the human race. While I certainly believe there are many rules of compliancy that should be followed, I also believe there are many others that should not. Therefore, there are times when I might feel somewhat justified in my stance of being noncompliant, but for the most part I do believe I lean more to the side of error.

Of course, you know my goal in these writings is to tie this particular concept to the current state of the body of Christ. A lot of spiritual leadership within the church seems determined to keep the people of God adherent to their collective understanding of biblical understanding. This is mostly from a literal perspective rather than from a joint experiential perspective. I think many are beginning to realize that just because something has been taught a certain way for 100 years doesn’t mean that its interpretation is not without error. Hmmm…you think?

More often than not, whenever someone presents a revelation of scripture or extended insight into the kingdom of heaven that is outside the main stream of traditional thinking, the accusations of noncompliance are immediately herald. As a result, there is the appearance of resisting spiritual authority, when in fact it is the resistance of a systematic religion that is trying to stunt the spiritual maturation of the body of Christ.

Recently, prior to my surgical procedure, I spoke at a conference in Summitview, Missouri, just a few miles from Kansas City. A couple of days later, I received a phone call from the host of the conference telling me that one of the main speakers at that event approached the board of the conference and brought accusations against me. When I asked what the accusations were I was told that they were too outrageous to repeat and that it forced them to break off personal ties from my accuser.

I knew that it was connected to my encounter with the prophet Jeremiah which I announced had taken place during that particular meeting, which was accompanied by unusual manifestations of heaven. The glory and power of God was so apparent that everyone in the conference was hijacked by an intense weightiness of the throne room of God.

While I was saddened to here of my friends decision to end a long time relationship, I knew it was just the beginning of many others that would one day soon have to deal with the lack of agreement concerning the glorious realms of God’s kingdom appearing on the earth.

I believe a new compliant generation is quickly appearing on the scene. At first it will look as if they are creating disharmony within the body of Christ. However, it will soon be realized that an unusual compliance, thus agreement with the kingdom of heaven, will emerge with such intensity that the kingdom realms of heaven will appear on earth in ways unimaginable.

Currently, many people in the body of Christ have a compliant issue. They are struggling with coming into a higher level of agreement with the Spirit of God that is pertinent to their relational advancement into the heart of the Father. Their willingness to stay compliant to previous doctrinal views, which exclude most supernatural encounters with the kingdom of heaven, is hindering them from coming into a glorious agreement of heaven on earth.

To be continued……………….

Special Note:

For those of you who have not yet heard, when I return home from the Oregon Coast, I will return jointly united in marriage to Tamera West, who will today, officially become Tamera Danforth. (pictures will soon follow). Tamera was my one and only high school sweetheart.

After Lori had taken on her complete immortal state in the kingdom of God in late August of 2014, I told many that I would possibly never marry again, and if so, certainly not anytime soon. Then shortly after the first of 2015, I hired Tamera as an office manager for MTI, and well, the rest is history. While neither one of us were remotely looking for any kind of serious relationship, it suddenly became apparent that God had uniquely joined us together.

Over the course of these last few months, Tamera has been nothing less than exceptional when it comes to MTI, as well as, helping me transition through some very difficult physical issues. If nothing else, she is quickly learning how noncompliant I can really be. :-)

I am so thankful that she is in my life for such a time as this and is graciously committed to taking on the many challenges in both our lives. Truly, to know Tamera, is to love her. Our marriage, among many things will include the 35 years that Lori invested in my life, as well as, the unlimited love and grace that Tamera continues to encounter in God on a daily basis.



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