Lost And Found Generations – Part 1

So what are some of the expected changes that MTI is beginning to move toward? First, the foundation of all that I am going to describe to you in this note hinges on the reality of the love of God toward his people. The Love of God is without a doubt, the pendulum of all creation. To the degree that we are able walk in the love of God is the degree that we are able to see beyond the smoke and mirrors of current events, into the pure intent of God for all humanity.

A few years ago, the Lord spoke to me about several expressions that would one day sweep the earth, all of which would “set the captive free” beyond most comprehension. This is only one of few things that are about to become visible in this New Year, 2016. This particular act of freedom reaches beyond the grave into the very bone and marrow of those who still lie in wait, ready to exact vengeance against all the works of the enemy.

As many of you already know, there are countless unnerving circumstances; life events, that are the result of past and present actions of the enemy. The primary intent of evil is to derail, handicap or permanently destroy innocent lives, both young and old, especially the children.

According to the FBI, in 2014 there were 466,949 NCIC (National Center for Missing & Exploited Children®) entries for missing children. Similarly, in 2013, the total number of missing children entries into NCIC was 462,567.

In addition, NCMEC’s (National clearinghouse for information about missing and exploited children…Child Victim Identification Programs) which assists law enforcement in its efforts to locate and rescue child victims in abusive images, has reviewed more than 147 million images and videos and law enforcement has identified more than 9,600 childvictims.

These statics are just a glimpse of the real picture and do not include the statics for 2015. Nor do theses numbers include the unreported cases that almost never come to light. Additionally, these numbers do not remotely reflect the countless cases of unsolved loss of life, and or captivity, that occurs every moment of every day across the world.

While we do have some amazing agencies that are doing all they can to to lessen these numbers every day, it barely scratches the surface of the intensity of help that is needed to save the lives of countless children and loved ones.

Early this year, while driving downtown in the city of Yakima, I looked up at a billboard, which I have seen many times before, that said, “Have you seen this man? Call this number…” In that moment, the Lord spoke to me and said, “I know where this man is and countless others like him and their life and blood still cries out to this day.” The Lord then said, “I know where these people are, which means you can know to.”  I knew the Lord was challenging me to gear up to find “lost and found generations.” Certainly in ways I had never thought about before.

In the near future, I will be sharing as to how you can participate in this amazing journey to help us find generations that have been lost, waiting to be found. These efforts will involve corporate words of knowledge, heavenly engagements, dreams and visions, accessing gateways, past, present and future, all of which encompass various benches of heavenly government.

Even though there are many, whose bones are laying in the ground, waiting to be found, there are countless others that are still alive, hoping to fulfill their intended purpose of God on earth as in heaven. A couple of months ago, I spoke at a “Mountain Top Fellowship group” in Spokane, WA, which was hosted by Angel, Grace and Lynn.

I shared some insight concerning this “spiritual search and rescue” effort that MTI would be putting together in the near future. In the meeting a dear friend of mine said, Michael while you were speaking, the Lord told me that He was ready to resurrect some bones that have been lying in the ground.”

Those words pierced my heart deeply. I knew it was the supernatural intent of Father to resurrect multiple generations in unimaginable ways. In addition, these hidden discoveries are designed to give precious families the long needed closure and resolve to many unanswered questions and prayers. We have entered into uncharted waters that can only be charted in the kingdom of heaven.

In the meantime, I encourage you to send any insight you might have concerning this corporate effort to commence the 1st stage of “lost and found generations.” 

My brother Craig is currently building a website that will offer multiple people and teams the ability to compile and process spiritual information that will aid various governmental agencies in an already dedicated search to find the missing treasures of this age.

While in some ways this is nothing new, it is extremely new in the sense of untold information that is now readily available, which has the potential to transform countless lives. Much of which, can be contributed to the  maturation of the people of God engaging in the kingdom of heaven in ways no generation has ever seen before. At least not in the sense of its coprorate participation.

Thank you for your continual prayers and financial support. Your contributions will soon play an importqnt role in discovering the hidden treasures that have long waited to be found. New fields of kingdom revelation and participation are in us now. Come on God!

Kingdom Cheers,

Michael and Tamera



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