Governmental Reset

Politics seems to always be a touchy discussion depending on which side of the fence you are on. Personally, I favor the term “government” over politics. In the sense of intent, politics appears much less genuine and very divisive. Having said that, the governmental lines between liberalism and conservatism are greatly obscured. Both terms are somewhat vague depending on whom you are talking to. A number of years ago, I prophesied that ‘the dividing wall between conservatism and liberalism would come down, and when it did a very unique and powerful government would emerge.’ It would literally become a governmental reset.

When it comes to the kingdom of God, I fall in the category of both. I am both a liberal and a conservative, but not in the manner that most might think. A number of years ago, I wrote an article on the definitions of liberalism and conservatism, primarily because like most things, people have a tendency to define them according to their own understanding of what they think they perceive them to be. In some ways, I guess I am attempting to do the same, but hopefully in a more edifying manner.

For the most part, liberalism is defined as, the quality or state of being liberal as in behavior or attitude. It is also defined as a political or social philosophy advocating the freedom of individuals. This includes, parliamentary systems of government, social, or economic institutions that assure unrestricted development in all spheres of human endeavor.

Liberalism was initially a movement in modern Protestantism that emphasized freedom from various traditions and authorities. It was also considered an adjustment of religious beliefs toward scientific conceptions, which contributed to the development of spiritual capacities.

While some might see it as a negative, I see it as a positive. Liberalism and socialism are not one in the same. While socialism is the result of a government that wants to be the source of all things for the purpose of power and control, liberalism, within is definition can be quite different.  Freedom on the other hand is a very powerful thing. There are undoubtedly many things that countless people need to be free of, especially in the area of government.

There are many systems and ideologies that govern people in a manner that are contrary to the purpose of God for their life. In addition, there are equally as many philosophies and traditions that are nothing more than religious systems trying to keep people from advancing toward spiritual maturation.

In addition, I believe the marriage of science and spirit is a good thing. We are living in a time when science is affirming the revelation of God, heaven and eternity in unimaginable ways. What was once considered a negative toward the advancement of God’s kingdom is now proving to be a divine marriage between spirituality and science. The divine nature of science was always designed to work hand in hand toward the spiritual maturation of God’s people.

And then there is conservatism. There are those who perceive themselves as strong conservatives. This term always seems to be the dividing line and current definition for Christianity, especially in the field of government. Like the term “liberalism”, I have come to like it less and less. It seems anyone who considers themselves a follower of Jesus Christ, view the word “conservative” as synonymous with their Christian beliefs.

By most definitions, conservatism is an effort to preserve existing conditions, institutions etc. It strongly leans toward the restoration of former traditions. Its emphasis is toward the preservation of traditional thinking or beliefs. One of its stronger counter parts is the resistance to change. It’s characteristically defined as Conservative Jews or Conservative Judaism.

I realize after reading this definition, many might think this is much different than what conservative might mean to them. Again, this interpretation is the general legal definition of the word. Which might cause one to ask themselves, in light of this definition, how conservative am I?

First of all, while there might be a few fields I would want to conserve, there are many others that I would not. In addition, I’m not so bent on the restoration of former traditions. While many can be good, many others can become a stumbling block toward the future intent of God. More often than not, change seems to be a very difficult process for those of a more conservative mindset. Having said that, I do believe the basic principles like honesty, integrity, purity, kindness, gentleness etc., are all a part of our spiritual DNA and should be guarded and maintained at any cost. Nonetheless, as already mentioned, there are many other traditional concepts and beliefs, all in the name of Christianity, that are nothing more than religion disguised under the cloud of legal conservatism.

My great grandfather was a Spanish Jew, otherwise known as “Sephardim” which comes from the Hebrew word “Sefarad” meaning Spain. Sephardim Jews are known to have come from the Iberian Peninsula. However, I do not view myself as a conservative Jew or a part of Conservative Judaism, at least not in the natural sense. I am a new covenant believer of Jesus Christ. While I am thankful for my heritage from ancient days, which stems back even before Adam, my primary goal and desire is to conform to the mind of Christ that is working in my life now.

It is not by coincidence that our current government, in the natural and in the spirit, is exponentially being redefined. In terms of the current presidential race the repeated phrase over and over again is, “in our previous history of presidential elections, we have never seen anything like this. Everything we have known to be the norm for an elective presidential process has completely gone out the window.” I believe this is nothing less than the strategic intent of God to bring forth a form of government unlike anything we have ever seen before, not for the worse, but for the better.

In the meantime, let me encourage you to operate outside the boundaries of a liberal/conservative mentality. While there is some life in both, they both lack the needed foresight to implement this next stage of government that is coming upon the earth. At the very best, they are only a temporary expression; a governmental guardian, until the maturation of the sons of God appear on the earth as they are in heaven. We have entered into a period of time when the government of this nation and other nations in the world are being reset toward the intended purpose of God.

Yes, I know. It has the appearance of nothing like we have ever seen before. On the surface, it looks extremely scary. Yet, I believe there is a hidden treasure buried beneath the rubble of a previous governmental rule, looking for the perfect opportunity to manifest in its intended hour.


Kingdom Cheers,

Michael and Tamera

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