God’s Place – Transformation Of The Nations

The transformation of the nations

In 2015-17, I prophetically spoke about an unusual partnering that would take place with President Trump and other world leaders.

That prophetic moment is now unfolding right before our eyes. Another season of divine connections are coming into view.
The recent senseless acts of terror have flipped a switch in the spirit, creating an intense common ground for an unexpected international alliance.

This nation and other nations in the world are being directed into a place with God. In ancient times, in the face of death, King David declared these words:

Though they intended evil against you and devised a plot, they will not succeed.(Psalms 21:11)

I believe God is inviting us to stand in agreement with the intent of heaven for the nations of the world.

For those of you who are facing difficult times in your life, whether it be spiritual, physical, financial or relational, I release this same word over you, every intended evil the enemy has planned for your life, will not succeed.

I am reminded of the words of Joseph after his brothers plotted evil against him and later found themselves kneeling before him in his court.

Joseph declared, “Do not be afraid, for am I in God’s place?(Gen 50:19)

In other words, “Am I not standing in my destiny? Am I not where I am suppose to be?”

I do not believe Joseph was just referring to his natural surroundings, but to his mental and relational state in God.

I sense this is the resounding question of God toward his people.

Where are you? What place are you in? Where are you in your heart?

Your current place in the spirit, in the kingdom of God will always determine how you see the world and those close to you.

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