The Furious Wind Of Matthew

I was reflecting on all the historical events that have taken place over the years, primarily within the scope of governmental shifts, both in the natural and spirit. I have always said, “the natural government is greatly affected by spiritual climates.” Over the course of this year, I have repeatedly noted that during presidential shifts in the United States, the natural realm is often more volatile than normal.

So far, in 2016, there has been an estimated value of over 25 Billion dollars in property damage. Severe cold, snow, floods, fire and wind, all have played a key role in historical destruction. In 2015, the estimated cost of damage was around 23 billion. All of which took place within the United States. Given the current rampage of hurricane “Mathew” billions of more dollars will be added to this list. Sadly, these historical events are not without the lost of precious life.

For years, I have said that I firmly believe all of these destructive weather patterns are, for the most part, the result of spiritual immaturity. Not because we cause them, but because of our inability as men and women of God to take authority over them.
I realize, to the natural mind, this seems like a field of impossibility. Yet, we are living in a generation where countless men and women are beginning to realize their endless potential to release the government of heaven on earth.

“And looking at them Jesus said to them, “With people this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” (Mathew 19:26)
I realize the prophetic realm can be a bit trigger-happy when it comes to spiritualizing every major event, especially disasters. While my intent is not to fall into that same field of prophetic entrapment, I am compelled to share some insight concerning hurricane Matthew.

There’s only one Matthew in the Bible, although his name isn’t really Matthew. For some reason, the early English translators of the Bible chose to transliterate the names of key players in the Bible a lot smoother than the lesser characters. And so Paulus became Paul, Stephanos became Stephen, Jacobus became James, and so on. Some names were pretty much kept in there Greek form.

Matthew isn’t really Matthew but Matthaios, which was one of the apostles of Jesus, who was a tax collector before Jesus called him Matthew. (Matthew 9:9). His original name was Levi, and he was a son of Alphaeus (Mark 2:14). Matthaios was a Greek form of the Hebrew name “mattityabhu, which means “gift of YAHWEH.”
The “gift of YAHWEH” is coming upon this nation beyond the scope of our wildest imagination.

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Kingdom Cheers,
Michael and Tamera

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