A Prophetic Journey In December

I've had a strong sense that in the month of December 2018, God is setting the stage for a supernatural governmental flip. I recently released an article about a kingdom flip that is coming to this nation and the world. On December…

Unexpected Frontier Of Hope

The recent fires in California have once again proven to be very sad and historically tragic. Our prayers go out to those who have lost friends, family beloved pets. There are no words to match their pain and sorrow.

The Dawn Is Over

The Dawn Is Over I know many of you who have engaged with these recent prophetic gatherings have walked away with an overwhelming increasing awareness of the supernatural intent of heaven on earth. For those of you who have…

Ancient Barriers Are Coming Down

If you haven’t noticed already, the gap between prophesy and it's fulfillment is quickly narrowing. I don’t know how many times I have prophetically spoken about a future event, only to see it come into view within days or weeks.

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