Alchemy Of Heaven On Earth

Our earnest prayers continue to go out for Kim Clement. For those of you who do not know, Kim suddenly had a bleed on his brain and was rushed to the hospital. Yesterday, he underwent several hours of surgery, which was successful, but is now in an induced coma in order to give him time to recover. The good news is that it was a slow bleed and the present medical reports are very good.

As you can imagine, family and friends are urging everyone to saturate heaven with their prayers. I have always stood on a phrase that I heard Kim speak in the early 90’s, “If you stay your course, determined to walk out the destiny that God has set before you, you will not be taken out before your time.”


To some, this might sound a bit presumptuous or arrogant, but I have concluded that one of the primary perishing points in life is having the lack of knowledge as to who you are or purposed to be in the kingdom of God. Of course, this knowledge extends to many other things that pertain to body, soul and spirit.

Kim Clement, we know your divine mission on earth is not over and rejoice with you and your family in your speedy recovery. Come on God!!


On another note, for some time now I have been looking into the ancient practice of alchemy, which is rapidly becoming a more common practice in this generation. What was once considered to be an occulted practice is now proving to be nothing less than an extended knowledge from heaven. While many view this type of practice in a negative light, let me share some biblical insight, especially in the life of Jesus on this matter.

What is Alchemy?

Alchemy is an ancient tradition whose practitioners have claimed to be the precursor to profound ability and powers. It is the chemistry of the cleverest, which allows one to observe extraordinary chemical operations at a more rapid pace, operations that would normally require a long time for nature to produce. Definitions of the objectives of alchemy are varied, but historically have typically included one or more of the following goals:

1) The creation of the philosopher’s stone (a substance believed to change any metal into gold or silver)

2) The ability to transmute base metals into the noble metals (gold or silver)

3) development of a life that would confer youth and longevity.

Though alchemy played a significant role in the development of early modern science, it is now recognized as proto-science that contributed to the development of modern chemistry and medicine.

Alchemists developed a structure of basic laboratory techniques, theory, terminology, and experimental method, some of which are still in use today. However, alchemists predated modern foundations of chemistry, such as scientific skepticism, atomic theory, the modern understanding of a chemical element and a chemical substance, the periodic table and conservation of mass and stoichiometry. Instead, they believed in four elements, and cryptic symbolism and mysticism was an integral part of alchemical work. (Paul-Jacques Malouin in The Encyclopedia of Diderot)


In previous articles/videos, I have shared about the prophetic insight the Lord gave to me regarding the “Periodic Table of Elements.” There are approximately 118 elements listed, a few of which have been added because of chemical manipulation. The Lord said, “This periodic table would be redefined.”

Over the course of years, the Lord has shown me minerals/elements that are in the ground and in the heavens above that have yet to be discovered. These hidden treasures will play a key role in redefining the current periodic table. In addition, this new chart of elements will be the result of various metals seemingly of less value that will be converted into metals of much greater value.

The final stage of the creative transformation of these base metals and other seemingly concrete forms will be accomplished through supernatural authority. This authority will readily become a common practice among sons and daughters of God. The bible gives testimony of this not only in Old Testament times, but also through the life of Jesus.

The bible speaks about a servant who had borrowed an axe from his master. In the midst of his labor, the axe head fell off into a nearby brook and was lost. The servant went to Elisha and explained his dilemma. After the servant showed Elisha where the iron axe had sunk, Elisha broke off a branch and threw it into the water. The bible describes the branch swimming toward the axe head, on top of the water, at which time the axe floated to the surface and connected itself to the branch.

In order for this axe head to float to the top there had to be some form of transformation in the chemistry of iron, not to mention all the other supernatural actions that contributed to this amazing feat.

God performed a similar act through Moses when he changed water into blood. Again, something had to happen to the chemistry of the water, thus changing its composition into another liquid substance. While there are other examples in OT scripture, lets fast-forward to Jesus’ day.


The first recorded miracle was one of which Jesus changes water into wine. Not just any wine, but the finest wine. In another instance, when the enemy was tempting Jesus in the desert, he said, “If you are truly the Son of God then turn these rocks into bread.” Though Jesus refused, it’s evident that the enemy knew that Jesus had the power to alter the composition of rocks, thus turning them into bread.

Another supernatural change of chemistry was when Jesus walked on water. This wasn’t just a matter of Jesus being elevated above a stormy sea; this was about the composition of water blinking in and out of existence from one frequency to another. Not to mention the raging climate around him had no affect on his natural body, which means it too was altered to a different frequency as well. And what about the famous “mountain of transfiguration” where the physical body of Jesus was literally transposed into light, at which time Moses and Elijah appeared with Jesus.

Jesus was without a doubt, the ultimate alchemist of heaven on earth. Whether flesh, water, fire, wind; every form of creation, all were subject to be the authority of heaven in him, thus subject to be altered from one state to another. His intensity of transformation was equally realized when he took mankind from its natural state of dust and converted it into a new creation subjecting all things under its feet.

Though all of these things seem outrageous they are but a small glimpse of the present hour we are living in. While many will continue to live in the innovations of this hour, which are from above, countless others are beginning to create an economy from the transformation of one metal to another, one form of liquid to another, the power of multiplication (fish and loaves multiplied) all the while unlocking the hidden treasures in the earth and heavens above.

This weekend, September 13, 2015 at the Holiday Inn, Yakima Washington, we will be conducting another SOHL gathering. This higher learning experience will begin promptly at 10:00AM. I assure you this special gathering will be well worth your effort to get there.

In addition, we are so grateful to all of you who not only invest your time and gifting at MTI, but also invest you finances. We know that it the labor and fruit of your life and we thank you for intrusuting us to use it wisely.  Please know that you are in our hearts and prayers and we are so appreciative of all that you do.

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Kingdom Cheers,

Michael and Tamera

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