A Vertical Generation

Like a city that runs out of room due to over population, it’s ability toward continued growth becomes dependent on its ability to go vertical.
As a people in God, I believe we have broken through, into another stage of vertical motion. Like a rocket being propelled upward, another stage of traditional Christianity is breaking off for the purpose of taking us higher into the revelation of God’s love, thus the realm of sonship.

As a result, we will begin to see a higher level of spiritual maturity in the body of Christ. The ability of the kingdom of God to occupy the Earth is parallel to our ability to occupy heaven. The days of trying to use spiritual leadership as an excuse for being irresponsible is quickly coming to a close. This is not to say God does not require more from spiritual leaders, but it’s never a pass to excuse continued bad behavior in the family of God.
Our desire to ascend to the stars, I believe, is inspired by God. Once again, the idea to occupying the land is not limited to this earthly plain, but into space, yes even the galaxies. This means our “upward call” in Christ, in the kingdom of God is truly a call to go where no man has gone before, both naturally and spiritually. Currently, other nations are competing to become king of the mountain, which in this case, king of space.
For centuries, in terms of ownership, space has seemingly been off limits, but not anymore. Just as bodies of water have been separated into territorial ownership, so a race has begun to lay ownership to space, planets, even galaxies. I realize this sounds like an “outer limits” moment, but make no mistake, there is a pursuit for ownership at the highest possible level.

The Upward Call

“…But I press on to possess that perfection (maturity) for which Christ Jesus first possessed me…” (Philippians 3:12)

When a city begins to grow it eventually has nowhere to go. Of course, this is after it has occupied most of the space around it. From that point on there is only one way to go and that is upward.
Physical growth and spiritual growth often bear similar characteristics.
As the people of God spiritually mature, they increasingly enter into an “ascension” mindset. Thus the words of Paul “set your mind on things above and not on things below.” Of course, we are already seated in heavenly places, in Christ, but acclimating ourselves to that heavenly reality is an entirely different thing.
As the glory of heaven, thus the love of God continues to invade Earth; value of Earth continues upward. It’s like seeing the stocks of heaven reach an all time high. Once the earthly realm becomes greater clothed with glory it’s true glorious state becomes more evident. This kingdom action of heaven on Earth is nothing less than the power of restoration at work.
The people of God are, and will always be, the most valued treasure in the Father’s heart. Thus, the revelation of sonship will always play an important role in advancing the kingdom of God.
The upward call is a process of possessing a revelation of the love of Jesus so profoundly we are able to see into the beginning of how his love first possessed us. Imagine moving so deep into the love of Christ you are able to see into to the beginning of the beginning, of a love that longed to possess us at the fullest extent possible.

Heavenly Origin

An increasing desire for people to know their origin or family roots is rapidly growing. More and more people want to know the origin of their ancestry roots. I recently heard a brilliant well-known scientist commenting about something his mother said when he gave credit to her for his extraordinary genius. He stated, “she just laughed at me and said, “son you didn’t come from me, you came through me.” Ha! I love this! An unusual shift is coming upon the Earth; pointing to an extraordinary revelation of our true eternal origin in God.
Mary, the mother of Jesus, understood this more than anybody. She knew she was a chosen vessel by God to become a point of entry for the Son of God to be born into the Earth. As I am writing these words, I am once again, reminded of an untold number of sons and daughters of God being born into the Earth right now. The nature of heaven in them will create an awesome awareness of a love and glory so great; the gravity of its revelation will cause nations to look toward the eternal origin of their true state in the kingdom of God.
The origin of our eternal existence in God is about to explode into unfathomable portions of glory. Our families in heaven are about to show up at the dinner table, both in heaven and on Earth. These eternal engagements will thin the walls between heaven and Earth so profoundly that the laws of physic will lose their power over all creation. As a result, the revelation of origin will be redefined and never viewed the same again.

Ascending Out of Spiritual Manipulation

God is not in the business of manipulating people into a relationship with him. He appeals to their heart, chastens those he loves, and then gives them grace and mercy to respond accordingly. Under this covenant of love, God doesn’t punish or torture someone until they say, “Uncle!” I believe this kind of thinking comes from a slavery mentality. God is looking for volunteers. He is looking for sons and daughters. He is looking for friends. He is looking for a family that will reflect the values of His heart toward others.
I believe we are in a time when we will see the body of Christ ascend out of the ashes of spiritual manipulation. The power of manipulation being broken off the body of Christ. The days of being beaten down into spiritual submission are over. This kind of gross manipulation is only possible because of spiritual immaturity.
The day of increasing sonship is upon us. Millions are coming into their true identity in Jesus Christ. No longer will they allow themselves to be tormented by the latest prophet or evangelist who believes releasing the judgment of God on his people is somehow the higher road of spiritual correction.
The kindness of God, thus the love of God, will always be the pathway to true repentance.
Maybe, you have been feeling a deeper longing in your heart. It could be, like me, you are aching for a greater fullness of the Father’s love and glory. Your desire to see Jesus is pulling on your heart in ways you never experienced before. I assure you, no church gathering or any other kind of outward event can ever match the deepest longing of God’s love in you.
Another veil of intimacy is being pulled back. The removal of this ancient veil is exposing the works of the enemy. The light of God is shining in the darkest regions of the world. No longer will the ancient spirits of religion manipulate them. Countless people in the Eastern parts of the world are beginning to hear and feel the waterfalls of heaven breaking over their lives. The future King David’s of love are ever increasing upon the Earth. They will sing a new song, one the world has never heard.

“Deep calls to deep at the sound of Your waterfalls;
All Your breakers and Your waves have rolled over me.
8 The Lord will command His loving kindness in the daytime; And His song will be with me in the night,
A prayer to the God of my life.
(Psalms 42:7-8)
Kingdom Cheers, Michael

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