A Prophetic Journey In December


I’ve had a strong sense that in the month of December 2018, God is setting the stage for a supernatural governmental flip. I recently released an article about a kingdom flip that is coming to this nation and the world.

On December 7-8, I will be in Sanford, Florida with David and Ronda Ramer at Glory Fire Church. If you are someone who is bearing witness with the this governmental shift, then let me encourage you to be at these meetings. You will not be disappointed.

On the following week, Tamera and I will be in Spokane, WA on December 13th & 14 at the Marriott Hotel, hosted by Rick and Vangie Hieronymus.  (Please check our website calendar for details).

I addition,  we will be with Russ Doyl at Destiny Healing Center, in Spokane, Wa on December 16, 2018. (Please check our website calendar for details.)

Then on December 12, 2018 we will return home to Yakima, Wa… for another prophetic gathering at the Terrace Heights Civic center. 

lastly, On December 19, 2018 we will once again be meeting at the Terrace Heights Civic Center in Yakima, Wa. This day is a special personal day for me, one of which motivates me to lean into the birthing of a new season in the kingdom of God.

I believe all the above will prophetically unveil a supernatural governmental flip as we near the gate into a new year upon the earth.

For further details log on to our events calendar on www.mticenter.com

Kingdom Cheers!

Michael and Tamera

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