You might have noticed our recent logo connected to MTI. While I don’t have time to go into the details, I just want to say that “Kingdom Kreators” is an added kingdom expression of MTI. For a number of years, the Lord has been speaking to us about what it means to be a co-creator. While this entails many things, one of its primary emphases is to create a glorious perspective for tomorrow.

As sons and daughters of God we have been afforded the awesome privilege to override the political rhetoric of the day. Some very real and extremely sad events, over the course of recent months and days, have collectively impacted countless people. For many, their idea of a hopeful tomorrow seems much less today, than before.

I believe this an awesome opportunity for God’s people to herald his heart and mind greater than any other generation before us.
The body of Christ is now positioned to walk out onto a stage of endless opportunities, manifesting the never ending intent of God’s love toward all humanity.



The Bowing Of The Sun And Moon

The Bowing Of The Sun And Moon


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